Wenzhou Bewell New Energy Co., LTD.

Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China, 317527
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Wenzhou Bewell New Energy Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development, production, and sales of renewable energy and electric power equipment such as solar inverters and energy storage series for a long time, and has now developed several series of inverter products, with the power ranging from 150w to 10,000kw. With different parameter settings, it can meet the requirements of different scenarios of use, such as commercial, indoor, and outdoor construction, mobile office, automobile, ship, etc. Main products: solar inverter, household inverter, portable power supply, and supply of cost-effective ancillary products (photovoltaic panels, charging piles, car inverters, and accessories) Solar inverter and controller all-in-one, including high-frequency machine series and industrial frequency machine series, regardless of the harsh environment of the outdoor or safe state of the indoor, 300W-10000W power to meet the user's individual needs. The inverter, as the core component of photovoltaic power generation and energy storage system, is also a pearl of the new energy industry. Bewell's R&D team gets technical support from Taiwan, China. Novel module (integrated circuit) layout design, independently producing circular built-in transformers, power motherboards, modules, and circuit boards. The quality of high-power semiconductor switching elements GTO, IGBT, and IPM is strictly controlled, Simple and elegant out-shell? full product range, long lifetime, and easy installation. Whether you are the final user or a distribution agent, Bewell will escort your investment income in the new energy field. Bewell has 13 years of experience in manufacturing for well-known brands in the industry and 13 years of experience in providing one-stop services for foreign trade enterprises in product export and after-sales maintenance. Product quality is the culture of our company. We rely on the quality of our power inverters and the technical ability to constantly develop new products. We will continue to provide high-quality inverters for users around the world. Bewell Mission: Contribute to the promotion of global new energy reform and the development of the world's environmental protection. Guard green waters and mountains, depict blue sky, and white clouds. Bewell Vision: Keep the light and light up every corner of the world. Bewell Value: Focus on customer needs and continue to innovate; Focus on quality and firmly believe in the power of long-term persistence; Integrity, Optimism, Self-discipline, Respect, and Sharing. ABOUT US

Wenzhou Bewell New Energy Co., LTD.
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